Karaoke Night

6th Karaoke Night
at The Nelson Street Theatre
Saturday, June 3, 2017
Doors open at 7:30; Karaoke Competition begins at 8:00

Bring your own beverage
Fun for the whole family–all ages can participate
All tips go to FSCT Building Fund

Admission is $10.00; Bring Your Own Beverage and plenty of money to tip your favorite singer. The evening of fun and music is to raise money for the theatre’s renovation and new building project.

DJs Art Fuentes and Drew Rose will provide music for whatever tune you want to sing.

Beth Holstein will coordinate the order of the singers so that everyone has a chance to sing as many songs as possible to earn tips to determine the Karaoke Champion for the night. All tips will go to the FSCT Building Fund.

The evening is for all ages (the first Karaoke King was high school student, Daniel Frank) and all types of music. Several performers have asked if they can bring their guitars and perform to their own music. Bring it on!

Fort Stockton Community Theatre is all about COMMUNITY; so come to The Nelson Street Theatre on Saturday, June 3, at 7:30 to sing or just to listen and enjoy fun with friends.